You can join a number of loyalty schemes through the Bink App. If you've been shopping somewhere and have a ‘Join Card’ in your Bink wallet, simply tap on that card and hit the "join" button. You can spot a ‘Join’ card by the pink ‘Join?’ message on the card!

If not, you can still join a new program by tapping the " + " button, selecting "Join a Loyalty Program ". Next, use the search tool to select the loyalty program you want to join and hit the "Join" button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a registration page, fill in your details and once you've been sent your new card number / account details, come back to Bink and add the card to your Wallet. 

If you're given your number straight away, take note so you can immediately add the card to your Bink Wallet and link the card using the email/username and password you just created in the registration process.

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